Area Scan Camera

Area scan cameras are the most widely used vision sensors in everyday life due to their great price range, versatility, and ease of use. So, about 90% of all machine vision systems in industrial environments are built on this technology. Their most popular use is via GigE and USB port, but if there is need for a greater data flow rate, the Camera Link and Coaxial link on special PCI/PCIe frame grabbers are used.

We mostly use GigE area scan cameras because of a non-restrictive maximum length of the connection cable, so the same cable can be used for communication and power supply, which enables short installation times. We have extensive experience in implementing vision systems from Cognex and Keyence. In the case of more advanced demands, we develop custom modular systems, combining optimal industrial PCs with cameras, lenses, and illumination methods, and bring them to life in our LabView and C# solutions.

Our team is not limited to one exclusive supplier. We have the possibility to choose the most suitable approach and equipment for every need. We do not only develop the vision system, but can also design the turnkey solution or optimize the performance of an existing machine. Our in-house machine building, electrical, and automation engineers, teamed up with computer vision experts will cover even the most challenging needs.